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Former Deputy Prime Minister LEE Han Bin Donates 520 thousand USD to SNU

Jun 26, 2012

The 14th Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economic Planning Board LEE Han Bin and his family donated 520 thousand USD to Seoul National University (SNU) on May 31. On this day a ceremony was held on the SNU Gwanak campus where the"Lee Han Bin Hope Scholarship" was established.

An SNU representative stated,"Scholarships will be given to students of the Graduate School of Public Administration in the lower financial strata who show outstanding academic effort." Furthermore they stated the university would honor the will of the deceased and his family.

LEE Han Bin and his family The former Deputy Prime Minister LEE Han Bin was the first student after independence to be sent overseas with the financial support of the government in 1949. He attended Harvard University where he studied at the Graduate School of Management. Upon completion of his program, he returned to Korea as the first to hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

LEE Han Bin went on to play an even greater role in the nation. During the 1979 second oil shock and other economic crises, LEE contributed to maintaining Korea's economic stability by evaluating the market and influencing the nation's economic policies.

Written by OH Jung Eun, SNU English Editor,
Proofread by Brett Johnson, SNU English Editor,