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January 10, 2011

Sep 22, 2011

SNU will exempt tuition free of 2011 Spring Semester for students who have been financially damaged from the currently widespread foot-and-mouth disease (FMD). Freshmen are also included in this policy; specific guidelines are to be announced on the 14th. SNU Hospital is providing consultation service for those who are suffering from FMD.
-Published in Chosun Ilbo, Maeil Business, Hankook Ilbo, etc.  

Salaries of SNU professors are expected to rise after the incorporation; no specific decisions are made yet.
-Published in Hankook Ilbo, Yonhap News

KIM Rando, SNU Professor of Consumer Studies Resource Management, in his interview talked about his lately published bestseller and advised the youths to keep faith in themselves and not be hasty to gain success.
-Published in Yonhap News

SNU, Peking University, and Hitotsubashi University will operate a dual degree system. According to this program, one can earn degree from two universities just in two years; students of SNU Business School will be able to choose either Beijing University or Hitotsubashi University, study for one year in that university, and gain MBA degrees of two universities. It is seen as an alliance to compete with prominent American and European business schools.
-Published in Maeil Business

KIM Sung Bok, SNU Visiting-Chair Professor of Liberal Studies, in his interview criticized SNU for lack of an ‘intellectual community’ and the inactive communication between professors and students. He also said the incorporation of SNU will be a great opportunity of self-government and should be used as a method to correct and improve the current academic atmosphere.
-Published in Chosun Ilbo

KWON Wook Hyun, SNU Professor Emeritus of College of Engineering, was introduced as the ‘Godfather’ of the venture business. He has taught and led many students who are now successful businessmen in the industry.
-Published in Herald Economy

LEE Jang-Moo, former SNU President, was chosen as the Alumni of the Year from Kyunggi High School. The awards ceremony will be held on the 11th.
-Published in Chosunilbo

SNU College of Veterinary Medicine is taking part in FMD preventive measures along with many other universities. Approximately 70 SNU members including College of Veterinary Medicine faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students are on the run.
-Published in Money Today

A column criticizing the incorporation of SNU has been published. The writer is worried the incorporation will enable a stronger monopoly of SNU and further the ‘ranking’ of universities.
-Published in Hankook Ilbo

CHUN Kyung-soo, SNU Professor of Anthropology, wrote an article expressing his concern about the recent attitude of China on North Korea’s artillery firing at Yeonpyeongdo (Yeonpyeong Island), which harmed the dignity or Korea.
-Published in Seoul

JUN Sang In, SNU Professor of Graduate School of Environmental Studies, wrote a column criticizing the authoritative and pretentious politicians who are eager for the spotlight when others should be given attention.
-Published in Chosun Ilbo

RHEE Sung-Hyong, Professor of Institute of Latin American Studies at SNU wrote a column attributing the high approval rating of Lula, former President of Brazil, to ‘luck’ and the economic boost that followed.
-Published in Kyunghyang Shinmun

Summarized by LEE Ye Ha, SNU English Editor