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World’s First Cloned Dog SNUPPY Shows Higher Genetic Concordance Rate than Twins

Nov 05, 2013

Professor JANG Gu of the SNU College of Veterinary Medicine and the SNU Genome Research Team proved that the genes of the world’s first cloned dog, Snuppy, match that of the cell contributing dog almost 100%. While the authenticity of Snuppy, who was born in April 2005, was contested due to the Dr. HWANG Woo Suk scandal, in 2006 the SNU Investigation Committee and Nature concluded that Snuppy is a genuine clone. This research team’s recent findings show that Snuppy is genetically identical to the cell contributing dog by approximately 100%, which is a higher concordance rate than that found in human twins. The research was published in the online version of Scientific Reports.

Summarized by LEE Hee Un, SNU English Editor,
Proofread by Brett Johnson, SNU English Editor,