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Faculty Opening at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Apr 07, 2008

1st Announcement of Faculty Openings 2008
at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University

Following faculty positions (full-time) are announced for employment.

1. Number of Openings and Field(s) of Specialty


Field of Specialty


Additional Info

Agricultural Biotechnology Applied Life Chemistry


This position is reserved for a candidate who either 1) holds a SNU B.S. degree in a field outside of Asian History or 2) does NOT hold a SNU B.S. degree.

Agricultural Biotechnology Biochemistry


Biosystems and Biomaterials Science  Engineering Farm Power or Control of Biosystems


2. Applicant Qualifications
- Application is limited to holders of a PhD degree in related field of specialty.

3. Faculty Appointment Period
A. Please refer to the University policies and guidelines concerning employment for the positions applied for.
B. Details of the application process for employment can be found on the University`s website ( by clicking the ENGLISH tab and the Notice tab in tandem.

4. General Application Review Process
A. Following criteria and materials will be reviewed in stages: whether the applicant`s abilities and specialty meet the announced areas (i.e., fields of specialty), recent research achievements, total research achievements so far, public presentation (lecture), and statement of research and teaching objectives (including personal essay).
B. Details of the review process (including the objective vetting system) can be accessed on the College`s website ( by clicking the ENGLISH tab at the upper right corner and the Notice tab in tandem.

5. Application Documents
A. Full-time Faculty Position Application should be submitted on line at by clicking the ENGLISH tab and the Submit Application tab in tandem. Total research achievements submitted by online submission should include every research output published until the time of application since the entrance of the graduate school and each publication should contain the title, authors, publication date, journal name with volume, issue and pages, and so forth.
B. Representative Recent Research Achievements for Detailed Review - 6 copies each (1 original)

The review committee will examine in detail submitted application documents that meet the following criteria:
1. Submitted research achievements must have been published within the past three years including the month of the application deadline (since May 1, 2005).
2. Research achievements to be considered include complete separate publications (individual chapters in a published volume are not considered), textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, etc.
3. Research achievements should reach a total of between 200 and 400 points, the point value of which will be given based on the following criteria:
  a. Each published research achievement gets 100 points for a single author, 70 points for two authors, 50 points for three authors, 30 points for four authors or more; however, if the applicant is the first author or the corresponding author of an article published by three or more authors, 70 points are given.
  b. Submitted research documents should not exceed the total maximum of 400 points.
  c. The applicant?s doctoral dissertation may be submitted, given it meets the publication period limits (100 points). However, the total of submitted research documents including the dissertation should not exceed the maximum points. In case a part of the dissertation has previously been published, it will only be considered as one research achievement.
  d. The applicants applying for the department of Agricultural Biotechnology should contain at least 2 articles published in the SCI journals within the past two years or at least 3 articles within the past three years.
4. Research achievement that has been accepted for publication should be submitted with a proof of acceptance (including the title and the expected publication date) issued by a responsible person of the publisher and must have been published before the submission deadline of faculty appointment documents in the same form as when submitted for application (no addition, deletion, or modification is allowable).
  a. Submitted research achievements that have been accepted for publication or that have published in the electronic journals should be acceptable only when the expected publication date is issued, and the proof of acceptance should explicitly include such information.
  b. Research articles submitted with their respective proof of acceptance should be submitted to the University just right after the publication, and this should be completed before the public presentation (about one month after the application deadline).

C. Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts and Diplomas - 1 copy each
    Translation should be attached if not in Korean
D. Official Documentation of Employment  - 1 copy each
    Translation should be attached if not in Korean
E. Personal Essay (including major achievements, fellowships and awards) - 1 copy each
F. Statement of Research and Teaching Objectives - 1 copy each
(including possible courses that the applicant could teach and suggestions of new courses that could be added to the curriculum as well as mid-term and long-term research plans and objectives)
G. Letters of Recommendation (from at least two scholars in the same field of specialty) -1 copy each

6. Application Deadline
Application documents will be received between April 16, 2008 (Wednesday) and April 30, 2008 (Wednesday).
Office hours are 10:00 amto 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

7. Application Mailing Address
Please send all documents to the following address:
Office of Academic Affairs (Room 3017)
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Seoul NationalUniversity
San 56-1, Shillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-921, Republic of Korea
Attn.: Faculty Application Documents
(The specific position being applied for should be CLEARLY MARKED ON THE COVER)

8. Scheduled Faculty Appointment Date
- Agricultural Biotechnology: September 2008
- Biosystems & Biomaterials Science and Engineering: March 2009

9. Notification
Applicants will receive individual notification of the results once all eligible applications have been reviewed.

10. Others
A. The application review process follows the above stated points as well as established University protocols.
B. All submitted documents should be the original. If the submission of a photocopy is unavoidable, a copy including a signed confirmation of its authenticity will be accepted. As soon as the applicant is notified as appointed for the position sought, however, the original document should be available for confirmation with submitted copy.
C. Undergraduate and graduate transcripts and diplomas and the official documentation of employment issued in foreign languages should be submitted with the undersigned translation.
D. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. If sent by post, please remember to clearly mark on THE cover the specific position applied for (department and field of specialty).
E. Submitted documents will not be returned.
F. Applicants can not apply for more than one position. Multiple applications by the same applicant will invalidate all of his or her applications.
G. The College reserves the right to terminate any appointment of applicants who have willingly falsified his or her application documents and/or have not sufficiently filled the appointment criteria.
H. Any research achievement document published in foreign languages other than English should be accepted as a relevant research achievement only when it is submitted with its translation.
I. Applicants after employment should teach more than one course in foreign languages (English is preferred) in a year (two semesters).
J. Some positions, including the number of openings as well as the starting date of appointment, may be subject to change.
K. For additional information, contact the Office of Academic Affairs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University (Tel: +82-2-880-4505 to 7).

March 31, 2008
Office of the Dean
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Seoul NationalUniversity

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