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College of Education, Seoul National University, Announcement of Faculty Opening, 2017

May 22, 2017

The Department of Ethics Education at the Seoul National University invites applicants for tenure-track, foreign faculty who specializes in Global Ethics Education. The appointment will commence on September 1st, 2017.
1. Position and Field (Full-time, Tenure-Track Faculty)
Position and Field
Department Field of Specialty Number Additional Information
Department of Ethics Education Global Ethics Education 1 Foreign nationals
(non-Korean citizens)
2. Qualifications
  • A.Applicants must hold a Ph. D degree in the relevant field and meet all requirements of the Seoul National University Hiring Policy (
  • B.Applicants must be foreign nationals (non-Korean citizens).
  • C.Applicants must be the ones who did NOT graduate from Department of Ethics Education, Seoul National University for one’s undergraduate.
  • D.Applicants who are familiar with Korean cultures are encouraged to apply.
3. Review Materials and Processes:
  • A.All applicants will be selected and reviewed according to
    : whether the applicant’s abilities and specialization lie in global ethics education, assessment of recent research achievements within the past five years(60%), full list of research achievements(10%), presentation or lecture(20%), personal essay, statement of research plan, teaching objectives(5%) and assessment of suitability of appointment(5%).
  • B.According to the result of research achievement evaluation, the first to the third high ranked applicants will have the interview(including presentation or lecture).
4. How to Apply Step 1) Register your personal information and upload the application via (online application)
Step 2) Print and submit the 2 online application forms by post
Step 3) Submit the application materials by post
5. Application Materials
  • A.Two Copies of Completed Application Form:
    Apply online via and also submit 2 printed copies of the application form by post. All career related items in the application form must be the same as they are submitted in official documentations. Applicants who fail to register the online application forms or who fail to submit documents by post within the period specified will be excluded from the screening process.
  • B.Research Achievement to be submitted for review:
    • 1)Research Achievements in the past 5 years: 6 copies each (1 original)
      During the review process, the members of the review committee will examine in detail submitted materials that meet the following criteria:
      • a.Submitted research achievements must have been published within the past 5 years(published on or after July 1. 2012) from the date of the application deadline.
      • b.Each submitted material will be given an objective point value based on the following criteria and must range between 200 and 400 points:
        ● Research achievements published with a single author will receive 100 points.
        ● Those with two authors will receive 70 points.
        ● Those with three authors will receive 50 points.
        ● Those with four or more will receive 30 points; 70 points if the applicant is the first author or the corresponding author.
      • c.If the applicant acquired the doctoral degree within the past 3 years, the doctorate dissertation must be submitted. The applicant can choose whether the doctorate dissertation would be submitted (100 points) for detailed review. The inclusion of the dissertation must meet the maximum point criteria and if any part had been published in the journal, it will not be considered twice.
      • d.The research achievements to be considered for detailed review include published complete books, individual chapters in a book, and peer-reviewed journal articles, etc.
      • e.Applicants should submit the printed copies of the journal or book cover (including the publication date and the title), the table of contents, the list of author(s), and the manuscript.
      • f.If the paper is published in the online only journal (or if you have difficulties obtaining printed publications), the applicant should download and submit the journal cover (including the publication date and the title of the journal), a table of contents, among others. In this case, URL access should be indicated on the application form.
      • g.The submitted research achievements that have been accepted for publication but not been published until the date of the application must accompany a proof of acceptance as follows:
        ● The items should be submitted with a “Thesis Certificate of Publication Acceptance” issued by the editor-in-chief.
        ● The expected publication date should be clearly stated.
        ● The submitted items must be published by June 30th, 2017.
        ● The published research achievements should be identical to the items submitted for application (adding, removal, changes are unacceptable).
      • h.Online first articles, i.e., the articles that have been accepted for publication, published online and indexed but not yet been assigned to a journal issue, will be accepted if and only if they are SCI, SSCI, and SCOPUS publications. The printed copies should be submitted to Office of Academic Affairs, College of Education as soon as it is published. The applicant cannot use the same articles for the promotion review when it is counted at the time of application.
      • i.If the submitted items are written in a foreign language other than English, translate items in English.
    • 2)Full list of research achievements: 6 copies
      *All research achievements, which have been published from the applicant’s graduate school to the present (e.g., publications in journals, complete books, textbooks, conference proceedings) should be listed. The title, the list of author(s), the publication date, and the title of the journal (including volume, and issue pages) should be clearly indicated on the list.
  • C.Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts and Certificate of Graduation: 2 copies each
    *If not in Korean or English, attach translation to submitted copies.
  • D.Certificates of Employment: 2 copies each
    *If not in Korean or English, attach translation to submitted copies.
  • E.Personal essay: 2 copies
    *Include major research achievements and awards received.
  • F.Statement of Research Plan and Teaching Objectives: 2 copies
    *Include specific courses that the applicant can teach and suggest new courses that the applicant wishes to add to the curriculum. Indicate the applicant’s mid/long-term research plans and objectives.
  • G.Letters of Recommendation: 1 copy each
    *Recommendation letters should be written in 2017 and from at least two scholars in the same field of specialty; they should be sealed with the recommender’s signature; the applicant’s name should be clearly indicated on the envelope exactly as they appear on the application form.
6. Application Period and Mailing Address:
  • A.Application Period: May. 26th(Fri)~Jun. 9th(Fri)2017
    (Office hours- 10:00-17:00 Korean time, Monday through Friday)
  • B.Where to submit the application forms and materials:
    Office of Academic Affairs (Bldg. 11, Room 317)
    College of Education, Seoul National University
    1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826 Republic of Korea
  • C.Apply online through; Other application materials should be sent by post to the above address. The applications that arrive before the deadline will be accepted. No applications will be accepted after the deadline.
  • D.When sending the application materials by post, please specify the area of application for which you are applying on the envelope.
    Office of Academic Affairs(Bldg. 11, Room 317)
    College of Education, Seoul National University
    1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826 Republic of Korea
    <Field of specialty: ,Department: >
7. Notification Each candidate will receive individual notification of the results once all eligible applications have been reviewed.
8. Miscellaneous
  • A.Applicants cannot apply for more than one position. Multiple applications by the same applicant will invalidate all of his or her applications.
  • B.Depending on evaluation results, faculty openings may not be filled and the starting date of appointments may be changed.
  • C.Appointment can be cancelled even after employment has commenced if the applicant has willfully falsified application documents and / or has not fulfilled the appointment requirements.
  • D.Other particulars not stated in this announcement will follow the established Seoul National University protocols.
  • E.All application documents must be originals. When copies are submitted, they must include a singed confirmation of its authenticity. Reference to the original will be required after the notification of selection. Foreign language(except English) certification should need the attachment of notarized translation.
  • F.Newly employed faculties may be paid on the performance-based annual salary system.
For further information:

Office of Academic Affairs
College of Education, Seoul National University
Tel: +82-2-880-8954
2017. 5. 10.
College of Education
Seoul National University