Advanced English Writing Workshop for Engineering Students

Mar 30, 2007

Advanced English grammar problems and Best Practices in the structure of science and engineering

Many general writing tips are useful for essay or TOEFL writing, but not applicable to research writing in the sciences. This workshop, in English, will give solutions to advanced grammar and punctuation errors often made by Korean graduate students writing science and engineering journal and conference papers. Best Practices will also be discussed to solve important problems in the structure of student papers. The advanced errors that will be covered are based on the presenter’s experience of teaching Korean graduate engineering writing classes. The best practices presented are the result of computer analysis of published engineering articles. Participants must bring a printout of a journal article from their field for analysis during the workshop. A handout guide to common errors will be given out at the workshop.

Adam Turner is the Director of the English Writing Lab, part of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Hanyang University.

1. Date: Friday, March 30, 13:00~15:00

2. Place: Center for Teaching and Learning (Building 61), Room 320

3. Lecturer: Adam Turner (irector of the English Writing Lab, Hanyang University)

4. Register on line : click  -> click"workshop" -> click"30일 워크숍" -> log in with your portal ID

5. Contact: Tel. 880-5487