[SNU ICER]Secondary data analysis: An exploration of its role in research

May 31, 2023

SNU BK21 FOUR iCER hosts BK International Academics Seminar. 

Date: May 31st (Wed), 10:00 A.M. 

Venue: Department of Education Building No.9 Room No.109 

We invite Professor Anna Q. Zhou from the University of Florida to discuss secondary data analysis. 

The abstract of this seminar and the bio of Dr. Zhou will be posted below. 

This seminar will proceed offline. 

Thank you. 

Title: Secondary data analysis: An exploration of its role in research

Abstract :

The advancement of technology has spurred on the development of new and novel methodology to explore research questions, and one such area that has benefited is in increased data options. Traditionally, researchers were limited to primary data collection methods where researchers would need to develop a new study and collect data for each new research question. However, with technological advances in data sharing, compiling, and storage as well as the push towards open science, more and more data are now available for the scientific community to access. In the present, there are numerous sources for secondary data on a vast array of topics and from diverse populations. We will discuss the differences between primary and secondary data, when it might be beneficial to consider using secondary data, the ethical concerns involved with secondary data, and ways to access secondary data. The discussion will be supplemented with research examples.

Bio :

Dr. Zhou is an assistant professor in the Counseling Psychology Program, Department of Psychology at University of Florida. She graduated from University of Minnesota with Ph.D. majoring in Counseling Psychology. Her research interest is primarily in health disparities, with a focus on the how different determinants impact mental health outcomes. She is particularly interested in better understanding people’s behaviors related to mental health treatment seeking, specifically why individuals in need of treatment do not seek out services.