[SNU Library] Invitation to 'The 18th Kwanjeong Library Small Exhibition - Webtoon Artist Lee Dae-yang (Dr.BeR)'

Mar 20, 2023 - Jun 08, 2023

We invite you to 'The 18th Kwanjeong Library Small Exhibition - Invitational Exhibition of Webtoon Artist Lee Dae-yang (Dr.BeR)'

SNU Kwanjeong Library will be hosting an exhibition featuring webtoon artist Lee Dae-yang, an alumnus of Seoul National University. Based on his experiences of continuous challenges such as earning a Ph.D. degree, parenting, becoming a webtoon artist, and fighting cancer, Lee Dae-yang serialized his webtoon "Dr. & Dr. Parenting Diary" on Naver. At Kwanjeong Library Small Exhibition, readers can see stories about Lee Dae-yang's challenges and choices. We hope for your participation and interest.

-Title: Dr.BeR's Challenge Continues

-Time: March 20th, 2023. (Mon.) ~ June 8th, 2023. (Thurs.)

-Place: Kwanjeong Library 1st Floor, Kwanjeong Gallery 

-Author: Artist Lee Dae-yang (Pen name: Dr.BeR)

-Hosted by: SNU Library 

-Inquiries: SNU Library,  02)880-9374,