[Smart City Global Convergence] Roadmapping the Future of Technology: In Space and on Earth

Nov 11, 2022

The Integrated Major in Smart City Global Convergence and its BK program will hold a special seminar session where a professor from MIT has been invited as a speaker. You may find out more detailed information below.

○ Seminar Topic: Roadmapping the Future of Technology (In Space and on Earth)
○ Invited Speaker: Oliver L. de Weck (Professor, MIT, USA)
○ Pre-registration:

○ Date & Time: 10:00 ~ 11:30 am, November 11 (Fri.), 2022
○ Venue (hybrid): Room 517, Bldg. 38, Seoul National University / ZOOM ( (ID: 210 327 0423)
○ Tel: 02-880-8386 / 02-880-8856

※ After the seminar, sandwiches will be provided to the on-site participants.