[Seoul National University Central Library] The 16th Small Exhibition of Central Library 〈Space and Subject〉

May 25, 2022 - Aug 23, 2022

Seoul National University Central Library (Director Jang Deok-jin) will hold an art exhibition with the school club for fine arts 'Midong (美童)' at the Kwanjeong Gallery which is on the first floor of the Kwanjeong Building from May 25 to August 23, 2022.

The exhibition "Space and Subject," will feature 20 artworks that show the interaction between the space and the subject in which "space receives meaning by being occupied by the object, or the subject is defined through the space it occupies." All of the works on display are newly painted paintings for the theme of this exhibition. In addition, six books containing thoughts on objects, spaces, subjects, and spaces, such as "Thing and Space" (2018, Acanet), will be displayed.

At the unmanned souvenir shop in the exhibition hall, you can purchase postcards and key holders. We hope that this exhibition "Space and Subject" will be another space that members of Seoul National University can enjoy together.