Social Science

Professor KO Kilkon of SNU Asia Center opens ARIC (Asia Regional Information Center)

- ARIC provides COVID-19 data and reports from 20 countries all over the world.

ARIC is analyzing COVID-19 in three different ways.

First, ARIC has constructed COVID-19 databases to track the status of COVID-19 around the world. The database is also linked with ARIC's country profile database enabling us to analyze how socio-economic conditions are linked with the status of COVID-19. Data collection and analysis are done using the open API and SAS.

Second, ARIC starts the COVID-19 Report Series. The report is titled "The trend, impacts, and post-COVID19 challenges" and provides the detailed information how each country respond to COVID-19 and what challenges they face. All reports are developed with local experts and open platform base. More than 20 countries' report have been progressed.

Third, ARIC plans to publish books and papers to theorize what we have learned from COVID-19. In particular, ARIC is much interested in issues related to developing countries and their responses.

ARIC will hold the COVID-19 Symposium on June 23, 2020 under the title "Sharing Experience of COVID-19 in Developing Counties - Voices from the field" in collaboration with the Global Master of Public Administration (GMPA) program, the Global R&DB Center at the Graduate School of Technology and Economic Policy at the Institute of Technology, and the Future Earth Program at the Asia Center. Excellent reports will be selected by SNU regional experts, and the selected COVID-19 Country Reports will be presented, followed by round tables

ARIC aims to contribute to understanding social problems by providing qualitative reports written by local experts and foreign students as well as providing data that researchers can use conveniently.

We appreciate your attention and participation to the COVID19 Symposium in advance. Please check out the ARIC website for more details.