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Admission Guideline for 2021 KGSP Graduate Programs (University Recommendation)

SNU, Office of Admissions has released the Admission Guideline for 2021 KGSP Graduate(University Recommendation).

■ Application Timeline
  • 1)Application submission: February 19th(Fri)~Mar 12th(Fri), 2021 by 17:00
  • 2)Interview: After March 31th (Wed.), 2021
    * Interview will be conducted only if necessary.
  • 3)Recommendation to NIIED: April 30th (Fri) 2021
  • 4)Final Selection by NIIED: June 2021 (TBA)

■ Due to Novel Coronavirus, documents can ONLY be submitted via POST. Submitting in person is NOT allowed.

■ For all related inquiries, please send the email to the person in charge. (The response may be late due to many inquiries.)

■ The name of the department has been changed differently from last year, so please refer to the file and fill it out accurately.

■ We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not checking the notice

Please download the attachments.