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Form of tuition fee for newly accepted Undergraduate/Graduate students for international admissions, Spring 2019

Jan 31, 2019

Please visit the website below and click “TUITION PAYMENT FORM”. After you access the site with your date of birth and application number, you can check your ‘Invoice of Tuition Fee’(two pages) by clicking “Print form of tuition fee”. You should input personal information first to check the invoice.

□ Period for Printing Invoice of Tuition Fee
  • -Undergraduate: January 31st(Thur) ~ February 11th(Mon), 2019
  • -Graduate: January 31st(Thur) ~ February 13th(Wed), 2019
□ Period for Tuition Fee Payment
  • -Undergraduate: 9AM~4PM, February 7th(Thur) ~ February 11th(Mon), 2019
  • -Graduate: 9AM~4PM, February 7th(Thur) ~ February 13th(Wed), 2019

* All Period is based on Korean Standard Time.
* Please read reference guide for new international students for the detail.
* Admitted students should complete registration(payment of tuition fee) in designated period. Otherwise, admission decision will be rescinded.