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SNU Media

NewsThe News articles are written and reviewed by SNU student editors and faculty members.

List of postings
  • May 18, 2007
  • HIT 21139
Professor Kaang Bong-kuin's team in the Department of Bilological Sciences has discovered a new protein critical in preserving long-term memory and which may help cure Alzheimer's.
  • May 16, 2007
  • HIT 20790
Two SNU students received best paper awards at the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics’ (ASPET’s) Experimental Biology 2007 award ceremony.
  • Apr. 30, 2007
  • HIT 21878
On 26th of March, 2007, Seoul National University held a press conference formally announcing that Lee Byeong-chun, a professor in the Laboratory of Veterinary Theriogenology at the Department of Veterinary Sciences, had published a research paper in the journal Cloning and Stem Cells, detailing that his lab had successfully cloned two wolves of an endangered species using the donor eggs of a dog.
  • Apr. 30, 2007
  • HIT 20685
Kwon Wook-hyeon, professor of electrical engineering, and Ihm Ji-soon, professor of physics, at Seoul National University have been selected as the winners of the 2007 Most Outstanding Korean Scientist and Engineer Awards.
  • Apr. 27, 2007
  • HIT 21089
Professor D.H. Kim at Dongguk University released a report on Korean legal system, which gives statistics on SNU alumni in legal profession. The report says that there are 133 judges in High Court and Supreme Court and 117 of them have graduated from SNU.
  • Apr. 27, 2007
  • HIT 20294
Seoul National University has opened a video game class for the first time in its history.
  • Apr. 26, 2007
  • HIT 20412
SNU Center for Campus Life and Culture said it will begin providing counseling services in September for foreigners to help them adapt to campus life.
  • Apr. 19, 2007
  • HIT 21449
Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi visited SNU to deliver a lecture entitled "Peace and Prosperity through Integration: An Italian Perspective on European Experience and Asian Challenge” on April 18th.
  • Apr. 9, 2007
  • HIT 21268
Seoul National University, Korea's Most Prestigious Universities, Selects Procera Networks A pioneering developer of intelligent network traffic and service management infrastructure equipment, announced that Korea's undisputed leader in research and higher education, Seoul National University,
  • Apr. 9, 2007
  • HIT 22662
SNU International Summer Institute offers an exceptional opportunity for students to study with a league of the world’s best-recognized scholars. SNU ISI offers courses in Korean history, markets, society and culture, and East Asian Politics.