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SNU Succeeds in Cloning Three Female Dogs

  • December 21, 2006
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A research team at SNU College of Veterinary Medicine has succeeded in cloning the world's first female dogs after 2005’s breakthrough of creating the world's first cloned dog which was male. (more)

An Afghan hound, named Bona, was born on June 18 using cloning technology and two more of the same breeds were born later. DNA tests confirmed that the three female dogs are clones and they are all healthy.

``This has reaffirmed that South Korea is at the forefront of animal cloning, especially dog-cloning. The research is still in its initial stages for applying animal models to human diseases.'' said Dr.Lee, who led the research. Female dogs are meaningful in that they can facilitate cloning dogs with certain diseases, which can be used for human diagnostic cures.

Seoul National University cloned the world first male dog, Snuppy, in 2005. The research team made strides in improving the efficiency of dog cloning. Last year, cloned eggs were put into 123 dogs to give birth to Snuppy and another. The second one died shortly later. But this time, the three female dogs were born from 12 dogs.

Veterinary publication Theriogenology accepted the paper on this research (“Birth of viable female dogs produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer”) and it is already on the Web site of Theriogenology.

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