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SNU Launched an Investigation on Hwang's Case

  • December 12, 2005
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Seoul National University launched an investigation to examine the research of stem cell pioneer Hwang Woo-suk.

Professor ROE Jung-hye, Dean of Research Affairs held a press conference and confirmed this is an independant investigation.

She will make a 'Investigation Committee' made up of seven SNU faculty members and two experts from outside the school - most of them are cell and molecular biologists. Medical professor Chung Myung-hee has been appointed to head the Committee.

After a preliminary probe involving a review of data and interviews with researchers, the panel will dicide whether to conduct tests to verify Hwang's research on patient-tailored stem cells. It will take two weeks to reach a conclusion.

Roe said that the Committee is open to possible cooperation with foreign institutions such as the University of Pittsburgh and may invite other foreign experts to take part as advisers, if it is necessay to get reliability.

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