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SNU Boosts Exchanges with Foreign Universities

  • December 7, 2005
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Seoul National University is expanding academic exchanges with foreign universities with the aim of joining the ranks of the world’s top-notch universities.

The number of foreign universities having academic exchanges with the SNU has risen from 46 universities three years ago to 98 universities this year.

The university has also signed academic exchange agreements with leading universities such as Yale University and Princeton University in the United States, the University of Vienna in Austria and the University of Toronto in Canada.

The SNU will introduce a joint doctorate degree system with Paris-Sud University, a prestigious French university renowned for its science study.

It has academic exchange programs with Tokyo University in Japan, expediting professor exchanges and other activities to promote friendship between the two universities.

An SNU official said that the number of foreign universities having academic exchanges with the university is expected to surge because it has made progress in cooperating with universities in other countries.

Dec. 7, 2005
SNU PR Office

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