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  • September 3, 2018
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An Instagram screenshot of @snu_photo
An Instagram screenshot of @snu_photo

Social media provides us platforms for sharing our passions and talents with a wider audience of friends and followers. Lately, several SNU students have been engaging in this culture of online sharing to explore interests outside of the narrow confines of their academic majors.

One example is the Facebook and Instagram account called SNULOOK (@snulook), created last year by Kim Heeyeon, an undergraduate student of the Department of English Language and Literature, which showcases some of the fashion styles and trends of the students at SNU through photoshoots and interviews. Begun as Kim’s personal initiative, the page today is the work of a team of student editors, photographers and interviewers. Barely a year old, SNULOOK’s following has already swelled to 2,500, including many members outside of the SNU community proper. Kim believes that the general positive feedback SNULOOK receives shows not only that “there are countless fashion enthusiasts at SNU” but also that “fashion is an interest inherent in most people.”

An Instagram screenshot of @snulook
An Instagram screenshot of @snulook

Another account, SNU Photo on Instagram (@snu_photo) captures the landscapes of SNU through the lens of Ha Younghyun, a postgraduate student of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development. While Ha first created the account to share his photos showing the changing seasonal landscapes of SNU, he soon found greater significance in capturing the beauty of the everyday routes and routines of SNU students, the “areas often just passed by and the moments often missed” on campus, whether it be “the view from Jahayeon that provides a resting place in between classes” or “the way the Gwanjeong Library glistens when the sun sets.”

A screenshot of @awesomedaytoon
A screenshot of @awesomedaytoon

Created in 2015 by Lee Yooryeong, a recent graduate of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Awesome Day Toon (@awesomedaytoon) is a comic strip account on Facebook that presents humorous everyday scenarios submitted by multiple student and alumni illustrators and editors. With almost 65,000 followers, the account has become very popular for its light and entertaining content and endearingly cute illustrations. Lee’s Awesome Day Toon strips have been published on Naver and its characters have even been featured as Kakaotalk emojis. She also recently published a comic book called Magic Coding that presents computer coding in a way that is accessible for children. Lee says that it seems to be the “candid and non-sequitur nature” of the Awesome Day Toon content that makes it appealing to the public.

Written by Jeeye Hong, SNU English Editor,
Reviewed by Professor Travis Smith, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations,

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