SNU Revises Department Transfer Policy

SNU students collaborating on their study
SNU students collaborating on their study

On June 3, the SNU Office of Academic Affairs announced its newly revised department transfer policy allowing fourth-year students to transfer to a different department. The policy was revised to assist students who discover departments suitable to their talents and passions later on in their academic careers, and will be go into effect next January when the admissions for department transfers opens.

Previously, only students who had been registered for four to five semesters and acquired at least 65 credits and less than 98 credits were eligible to request a transfer to another department. The revised policy now permits students who have been registered for six or more semesters and acquired no less than 98 credits and no more than 130 credits to request a transfer. The College of Pharmacy is the only exception in that it will continue to accept only second and third-year students as transfers.

The Office of Academic Affairs advises students who have acquired more than 130 credits to apply for a double major.

The Office of Academic Affairs hopes that this revised policy will be a “belated but considerate solution,” allowing students more time to explore and discover their academic passions. The Office of Academic Affairs will continue to develop and revise its policies in order to best allow students to realize their academic ambitions.

Written by Jeeye Hong, SNU English Editor,
Reviewed by Professor Travis Smith, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations,