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[Issue 11] Four Popular English-taught Courses

  • March 19, 2012
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March 19, 2012
Campus Four Popular English-taught Courses
SNU is offering about 11% of all degree courses in English to meet the need of ever-increasing number of incoming international students. This article is a student's review on four popular English courses of last semester.
Policy Undergraduate Tuition Fee Decreases by Five Percent
SNU’s undergraduate tuition fee has been stable since 2009, and SNU Tuition Review Committee has agreed to lower its undergraduate tuition fee by 5%.

Campus The 'It' Drink of SNU
We can never know for sure the actual reason behind Tejava's mysterious and independent popularity at SNU. Let's take a look at the convenience stores at SNU campus.

Policy Tradition of Top Freshman Awards Becomes History
Entering SNU as a top student has been considered a lifelong distinction that caught nationwide attention, however, SNU decided to change the related charter.
Campus Who Moved All the Snow?
It was heavy snowfall. The city buses circling the campus couldn't even enter the main gate. However, we found the ankle-deep snows gone overnight.
Campus Debate Over Meal Ticket Price Heating Up
SNU Co-Op (SNUCO) announced that the price of cafeteria meal tickets will go up for non-SNU community members.
International SNU and Harvard Law School Students to Participate in Exchange Program
Chong Jong-Sup, dean of the SNU School of Law, and Martha Minow, dean of Harvard Law School, finalized and signed the agreement on January 18 of this year.
Notice Get"S-Card" to Start Your Campus Life
First-year students are encouraged to apply for the student identification card (S-Card) as soon as possible.
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