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[Issue 9] SNU Institutes of Convergence Technology Enjoys Enhanced Popularity

  • January 31, 2012
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January 31, 2012
Art Exhibition Dutch Magic Realism: Past toward Contemporary
SNU MoA launches its new exhibition Dutch Magic Realism from February 10, which features 71 masterpieces of Carel Willink, Wim Schuhmacher, Dick Ket, and Philip Akkerman.
Student SNU Institutes of Convergence Technology Enjoys Enhanced Popularity
The competition rates for the winter internships at the Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology (AICT) have risen substantially over the past year.
Campus An SNU Professor's Integration of Engineering and Art
KIM Yoon Young, SNU professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, designed algorithms to build artificial intelligence for computers to draw paintings.
Research Stars Can Die Twice
It has traditionally been thought that a star dies either by exploding as a supernova to become a neutron star, or by becoming a white dwarf.
Research A Korean Journal Joins Nature Publishing Group
A scientific journal published by a Korean association will become an open-access online journal and be offered through the website of the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) as of 2013.
Exhibition Dutch Magic Realism: Past toward Contemporary
SNU MoA's new exhibition features 71 works of Dutch realism from ING Bank's collection in the Netherlands from February 10 to April 12.
Notice 2012 Spring Semester Course Registration Just Started
Pre-registration period for all students are January 26, 27, and 30, while regular course-registration period for freshmen is from February 27 to 29.
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