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[Issue 8] Campus Warming Day - SNU Style 'PePeRo Day'

  • December 21, 2011
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December 21, 2011
Campus Campus Warming Day - SNU Style 'PePeRo Day'
Many Koreans celebrate"Pepero Day" every year on November 11. A pepero is a long stick-shaped Korean snack covered with chocolate which has been on the market since 1983.
Student Student Council Presidential Elections Nullified Due to Low Voter Turnout
SNU students will spend the next term without a university student council president because of low voter turnout in the recent election.
Campus You’ve Got a Friend and a Mentor in Me!
Here are three kinds of special programs that SNU offers to help you find the right Mentor to your Telemachus.
Research An SNU Researcher Reveals Joseon Dynasty's Fertility Decline
A research paper which investigates the demographic changes and socio-cultural reasons for the declining fertility of the royal family of the Joseon dynasty has been published.
Research What is the Origin of Cosmic Dust? -- A Young Astronomer Has an Answer
There are two main substances that comprise the universe, gas and dust. While cosmic gas plays an important role in creating stars, cosmic dust functions as the basis for planets and living things.

Event 50 SNU Professors Sing on Campus Two Days Before Christmas
50 of SNU professors who love singing gathered again to have a special concert -- 2011 SNU Faculty Choir on December 22 at SNU Museum of Art.

Exhibition Korea, Images from Sten Bergman's Expedition (1935~1936)
SNU Museum is having a photo exhibition of Sten Bergman's work. Bergman (1895 ~ 1975) was a Swedish zoologist who visited Korea in 1935 and published a book"In Korean Wilds And Villages"
Admissions New Admission Guidelines Released
On December 21, SNU Office of Admissions has released new 'Admission Guidlines' for international students applying for 2012 fall semester and 2013 spring semester.

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