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Teaching and Learning from Your Peers

  • September 21, 2011
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September 21, 2011
Campus Teaching and Learning from Your Peers
HONGAL JOHL (Department of Social Welfare, aged 21), a first-year student from Mongolia is reading a thick Korean textbook word by word. Because her Korean is not very fluent, her book is covered with vocabulary notes. How can she read such difficult books with her awkward Korean?
Figure Professor Shynne Gwang-hyun Leaves Behind a Noble Legacy and Heartwarming Memories
Professor Shynne Gwang-hyun (Department of English Language and Literature) passed away due to cancer on July 24 this year.
Campus "Nature is My Real Laboratory"
Fighting against a wild sea on a rolling boat, harvesting rice at a rice field near SNU’s campus in Suwon, and trying to figure out the links between desertification and human civilization out in the desert..
Campus Finding a Cure for Cancer
Professor LEE Ho-Young, from Seoul National University Department of Manufacturing Pharmacy stressed the importance of such methods in future anti-cancer medicine research.
Research Barely Visible but Clearly Audible - High-tech Speaker Made of Graphene
Professor JANG Jyongsik of Chemical and Biological Engineering and his research team recently invented a transparent and flexible speaker using graphene electrodes and PVDF film.
Policy Working to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
With the launching of the nationwide greenhouse gases targeted management system, SNU was designated by the Ministry of Land and Sea as one of the institutions to be put under supervision.
Info SNU Law School Intensifies Disciplinary Action Against Underperforming Students
SNU Law School announced the amendment of its regulations that intensifies the disciplinary action to be taken against underperforming students.

Faculty Essay Modern Life, a Lone Existence
A fact of modern day living that we seldom consider is the shocking amount of time we spend inside. Inside at work, at home, at the mall, even when exercise nowadays we are inside.

Student Essay Balancing the Costs and Benefits of Stressing English Education
As Koreans spend a tremendous amount of time and money on learning English, how much the educational system should stress English has long been a controversial subject in Korea.

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