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Rediscovering Building Tops

  • September 7, 2011
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September 7, 2011
Campus Rediscovering Building Tops
The SNU Graduate School of Environmental Studies (GSES) has helped change the campus scenery by redesigning its bland building rooftop into a beautiful garden.
Talk An Interview with Professor Oh Saeng-Keun, a Master of Literature
After 30 years of actively working as a lecturer, researcher and critic of literature, literary critic OH Saeng-Keun has reached the retirement age of 65.
Campus Happily Diverse: the SNU Dormitory's Multicultural Community
What makes SNU dormitory life so satisfactory? To answer this question, we met five foreign students living in Gwanaksa, and their Korean roommates.
Campus Graduate in Style with the New Graduation Robes!
SNU's current robes are the same as those worn at the first graduation ceremony in 1947, used as formal ceremonial dress for the last 60 years without change.
Research World’s Most Sensitive Biosensor Developed
Professor PARK Young Jun has succeeded in creating a"nano biosensor chip", a combination of nano material and semiconductor.
Award Professor Noh Tae Won Receives Korea Best Scientist Award
Noh developed the original technology for a metal oxide semiconductor which is a promising alternative to current silicon semiconductors.
Hospital Aesthetics of the Nude Breast
Seoul National University Hospital Bundang Branch launched an ambitious exhibition at the beginning of July to alter stereotypes about breast cancer.
Info Use EndNote, and Experience Writing Papers Becoming a Whole Lot Easier
SNU University Library is now providing the software EndNote, the program that helps researchers to efficiently manage bibliographies when writing papers.

Faculty Essay Invisible Seoul
Invisible Seoul is a parallel Seoul, the Seoul that you all see and don’t think twice about. It has no structure; rather it lives as a series of disconnected fragments.

Student Essay Things About SNU that Makes My Girl Green with Envy
My girlfriend is sitting next to me, taking a small bite off the rich chocolate cake she loves to eat whenever she visits the SNU campus.

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