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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • May 23, 2011

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SNU held a meeting on May 20 and decided that it will be more active in communication concerning the incorporation of SNU by opening up a website. KIM Yong, the president of Dartmouth College and a member of the incorporation committee, said the incorporation will be a new opportunity for SNU and will contribute to the advancement of Korea's higher education. The website is expected to publish news and processes regarding SNU's incorporation.
-Published in Donga Ilbo

KIM Tae Woo, an SNU professor at the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, on last Wednesday saved his student's life by performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) which he learned at the civil defense training. The incident took place while KIM was performing his lecture on Korean modern history and was widely spread via Twitter.
- Published in Herald News

IHM Jisoon, an SNU Professor of Physics, had an interview with JoongAng Ilbo and talked about his research interests, scientists' contribution to social problems, his opinion about the suicides of four KAIST students, his recent admission to NAS (National Academy of Sciences), and the importance communication in scientific researches.
- Published in JoongAng Ilbo

YUN Sun-Jin, an SNU professor at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, expressed her concerns on global climate change. Yun emphasized how climate change can seriously affect our lives in the future and suggested some preventive measures which can be performed by anyone in daily life. Professors Yun's lectures are available at
-Published in Hankook Ilbo

YOUN Kwang Chul, an SNU professor of Vocal Music, will hold his recital on May 26 and 28 at Hoam Art Hall. Though Youn was born in a rural area and his academics were irrelevant to music, his voice was sound enough to attract Staatsoper Unter den Linden (Berlin State Opera) and The Metroplitan Opera. The New York Times described him as"Standing Small, Singing Big, All Sulfur and Zest".
-Published in Seoul Shinmun

CHO Dong Sung, an SNU professor of Business Administration, received an honorary PhD degree from Finland's Alto University.
-Published in JoongAng Ilbo

KWAK Keum Joo, an SNU professor of psychology, emphasized the importance of positive illusion. Kwak explained when people regard the process significant, they are more willing to accept failure than when they regard the objective as significant. She further remarked that positive illusion consists of three components: self-enhancement bias ("I am superior to others"), illusion of control ("I have control over every event"), and unrealistic positivism ("my future is very bright").
-Published in Financial News

JUN Sang In, an SNU professor at Graduate School of Environmental Studies, criticized Bruce Cummings' revisionist view of history in an academic conference. He argued that Cummings' view had been disproved by the release of former Soviet Union's secret records.
-Published in Donga Ilbo

AHN Sang Hoon, an SNU professor of Social Welfare, argued that the focus of welfare policy should shift from income security to multi-layered life security in an academic conference hosted by Maeil Business News.
- Published in Maeil Business News

The alumni association of SNU College of Law selected four graduates as"People who SNU College of Law is Proud of" including TAE Wan Sun (former vice prime minister) and HWANG Juk In (SNU Professor Emeritus).
- Published in Maeil Business News

SNU Center for Social Sciences held a symposium on May 20 under the title 'experiments of ROH administration - incomplete reform' in memory of ROH Moo Hyun, the deceased former president of South Korea, who committed suicide 2 years ago.
- Published in Kyunghyang Shinmun

There will be a soccer game between Harvard College and SNU on May 25 at SNU.
- Published in Joongang Ilbo

The SNU Hospital announced on May 20 that it will open a human bio-resource bank on May 24. A human bio-resource bank stores and maintains various human body parts and provides them to the researchers in medicine and life sciences.
-Published in Yonhap News

The SNU Hospital launches a traumatology team next month. Captain SEOK Hae Kyun, who was seriously injured by Somali pirates, had to be treated at Ajou University Hospital since such team was not available at the time. Many people including the South Korean President LEE Myung Bak had asked for the traumatology team.
-Published in Donga Ilbo

The SNU Hospital opened a center for rare disease. The SNU Hospital announced that it wished researches on rare diseases will progress and the patients and their families will have hopes.
-Published in Donga Ilbo

A team of researchers led by LEE Sang Hyup, a professor at Bundang SNU Hospital, analyzed the causes of pancreatitis using a sample of 227 patients. The result showed that for those aged over 65, gallstones were the primary cause; those aged less than 65, the main cause was alcohol overdrinking. Professor Lee showed that active measures like ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) can reduce the death rate from pancreatitis. He published this result in an international academic journal on geniatrics.
- Published in Kookmin Ilbo

Summarized by PARK Ziho, SNU English Editor,
Proofread by LEE Ye Ha, SNU English Editor,
May 24, 2011
May 20, 2011