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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • January 18, 2011

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SNU has increased its budget by 21.4 Billion KRW, out of which 10.6 Billion KRW has been reserved for discharge allowances for the currently employed. The union has alleged that this budget is evidence of plans for future restructuring while SNU has refuted that it is simply a formality for the incorporation process. 10 Billion KRW has been set aside for the construction of unified information system.
-Published in University News Network

Professor CHO Kuk has been under fire recently by the progressives because of his statement concerning the alleged improper admittance of the second son of the Hanara Party's leader. His remarks uncharacteristically resulted in supporting the conservatives as he argued that there was no wrongdoing by the school. The Interview deals with the matter and Professor Cho stresses the importance of telling the truth without regards to one's political agenda.
-Published in Hankook Ilbo

An age old controversy concerning the Crown Prince Sado has been reignited as professor Jung Byung Sul criticizes the established paradigm on the issue set by Mr. Lee Duk Il, the head of Han Garam History and Culture Research. The dispute is being carried out in Naver’s 'The classic lectures of our time' internet cafe, where major Humanities professors are writing weekly periodicals.
-Published in Seoul Shinmun

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has appointed Professor Kim Dongwook appointed as a non-permanent director for the Korea Creative Content Agency.
-Published in Maeil Business Newspaper

Pictures of the newly admitted SNU students.
- Published in Maeil Business Newspaper, DH News,

The top universities of Korea are struggling to deal with the problem of some high schools helping their best students get higher grades improperly. The universities are aware of the problem, but can't do anything about it as they can't pin-point the schools that are actually doing the wrongdoing. Professor Baek Sun-Geun, who is in charge of admittance in SNU stated that despite efforts to discover the truth by visiting the high schools, it is nearly impossible to do so.
- Published in Donga Ilbo

Private Universities in Daejeon and South Chung Cheong Province are finding it hard to raise tuition fees as the local national universities freezed their tuition fees.
-Published in Yonhap News

Universities in North Jeolla province are struggling to raise tuition fees. The student council in JeonJu University are demonstrating in front of the main building because of the rise in tuition fees. The school argues that the rise in general prices has forced them to raise tuition fees while the student council claims the university's decision is going against social atmosphere of freezing tuition fees.
-Published in Yonhap News

An SNU graduate, Professor Ahn Jaehwan has been appointed the new president of Ajou University.
- Published in Chosun Ilbo

Professor Song Ho Keun talks about the free welfare issue.
- Published in JoongAng Daily

Summarized by YU Minseok, SNU English Editor
January 20, 2011
January 17, 2011