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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • January 7, 2011

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As a part of the preparations for Seoul National University’s incorporation, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance will be investigating into the scale of SNU’s assets. With total assets estimated to be at least 3 trillion KRW, interest is gathering on how much will be turned over to SNU.
-Published in University News Network

Professor PARK Bong Kyun of the College of Veterinary Medicine, who is also a specialist in swine viruses, answers questions on the foot-and-mouth disease spreading in the Korean peninsula.
- Published in Naeil Shinmoon

Gwanak Invitational Lectures, a series of lectures given ‘with wisdom,’ were compiled and published in a book. 4 speakers, Prof. YOON Suck Chul, Actor LEE Soon Jae, Poet GO Eun, and Prof. SHIN Young Bok were included in this edition, and another edition is expected in February.
- Published in Kookmin Ilbo 

KIM Se Hoon, a graduate student studying Agricultural and Vocational Education Development at SNU, is leaving on a Habitat volunteering trip to the Philippines. This article speaks of how his childhood influenced his determination for this trip.
-Published in Joongang Ilbo

The SNU Alumni Association will be holding its 2011 New Year Meeting on January 12th. Alumnus HUHJin Kyu and 18 others will be receiving plaques of merit.
- Published in Seoul Business Newspaer

The President of SNU was among the 22nd university presidents that participated in a meeting with the Minister of Education, Science and Technology. The Minister requested that universities freeze their tuitions at the current rate, and that they simplify admissions procedures.
- Published in Yonhap 
- Also in Donga Ilbo 

Professor KIM Yong Chang of the Department of Geography speaks of the recent stabilization of the management of Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH), while also addressing the direction for a new paradigm in future urban development.
- Published in Seoul Newspaper 

Professor KIM Yoo Yong of the Department of Food and Animal Biotechnology points out the problems in preventive measures against animal diseases that brought about the foot-and-mouth disease pandemic in Korea, and recommends reinforced measures.
- Published in Chosun Ilbo 

Summarized by KIM Eun Young, SNU English Editor
January 10, 2011
January 6, 2011