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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • January 6, 2011

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Kim Jung-Hun, SNU professor in the College of Medicine, discovers a treatment for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) with gold nano-particles. ROP is a disease which results in typhlosis (blindness) due to development of abnormal blood vessels in the retina.
- Published in Kukmin Ilbo

SNU College of Vetinary Medcine professors, graduate and undergraduate students voluntarily participates in preventive measures against the recent foot-and-mouth disease outbreak to be of help to the livestock industry.
- Published in Segye Ilbo

SNU alumni obituary - Dream of Farmer Cooperative director Han Geon-Young, Seoul Ranch president Lim Young, Father of SNU Professor Moo Young, Incheon University Professor Park Bo-Yong, Haerim Trade Co. president Huh Hae-Chul's father-in-law
- Published in Chosun Ilbo

The president of Seoul National University Alumni Association Lim Kwang-Su will present plaques of appreciation to 19 people who contributed to the vitality of the association. The presentation ceremony will take place in Lotte Hotel, Sogong-dong, Seoul, on January 12 'New Year's Reunion'.
- Published in Chosun Ilbo

Cho Belong, SNU professor of family medicine in the College of Medicine and also head of the Health Promotion Center, Department of Family Medicine in SNU Hospital, writes a column on how to live a healthy life during one's old years.
- Published in Chosun Ilbo

The government will support freezes on university tuition rates in order to discourage high inflation, as one of its price stabilization policy. Seoul National University, Chonbuk National University, and Korea National University of Arts have already announced a freeze on their tuition rates, encouraging other universities to follow suit.
- Published in Segye Ilbo

Ahn Byong-Man, SNU graduate and former president of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies, is appointed the vice-chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council on Education, Science and Technology (PACEST). Along with Ahn, 15 others are also appointed as members of the advisory council by President and PACEST chairman Lee Myung-Bak.
- Published in Seoul Shinmun 

Kim Jin Q, president of Konkuk University will work as a physical checkup doctor at Konkuk University Hospital once a week as a community service.
- Published in Seoul Economic Daily

Performance-based wages to faculty will be given starting from this March for national universities including SNU. As part of the government's plan to reform university policies, attention is demanded of whether this new policy will result in further research accomplishments as intended, or fail.
- Published in Kyunghyang Shinmun

Hongik University janitors, who formed a cooperative with the help of students, were fired the end of 2010 by the school. The school also made phone calls to the parents of students who helped the janitors form the cooperative. Lee Dae-Geun writes a column on how universities should be a role model for students to uphold the dignity and human rights of laborers.
- Published by Kyunghyang Shinmun

Park Sang-Chul, head of SNU Institute on Aging and SNU professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the College of Medicine, finds a clue to longevity.
- Published in Chosun Ilbo

Kim Byung-Yeon, SNU professor in the Department of Economics, writes a column warning that Korea must not follow Japan?s footsteps in losing the liberty of individuals to extreme collectivity. He believes the solution to Korea?s collectivity lies in diverse culture and values.
- Published in Maeil Business Newspaper

Chang Dukjin, SNU professor in the Department of Sociology, writes a column on how the union of power and capital has been explicit and unconsciously performed on part of the Lee Myung-Bak?s administration. Although in any government power established on capital is natural, but Professor Chang believes the government should work to found its power on civil society.
- Published in Kyunghyang Shinmun

Park Hyo-Chong, SNU professor in the Department of Ethics Education, writes a column contending that if statuaries for modern national heroes of the Cheonan incident, Yeonpyeong Island bombing, and etc are to be made, it must show the agony of sacrificing their lives for the country and be located where citizens can easily observe it.
- Published in JoongAng Ilbo

Summarized by LEE BoYoung, SNU English Editor
January 7, 2011
January 5, 2011