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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • December 2, 2010

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The widow of a Rangoon Bombing victim has donated her entire fortune to SNU, wishing to raise up more government elites from developing countries.
LEE Soon-Ja, SNU graduate of the Dept. of French Language and Literature and a Professor Emerita of Library and Information Science of Sookmyung University, donated 2 billion won to SNU on December 1. She donated all her belongings including the house she currently lives in, which shall be transferred after her death. Her husband KIM Jae-ik, SNU graduate of the Dept. of International Relations, was serving the government as the Presidential Secretary for Economic Affairs when he was killed during the Rangoon Bombing in Myanmar in 1983. Before he working for the government, he earned his PhD from Stanford with full funding from the Ford Foundation.
Lee said to SNU President OH Yeon-chun, “I wish to use my husband’s legacy to educate other people like my husband, the elites of developing countries. As he was able to study at Stanford only because of the help he received, I’d like to be that kind of help to others now.” President Oh promised to establish the ‘KIM Jae-ik Fellowship Fund’ with her donation. Kim is known to have laid the foundation of the Korean financial system as a high-ranking government officer.
- This news is published in Chosun Iibo JoongAng Ilbo , Maeil Business Newspaper , etc.

Chairman of Doosan Corporation donates 5 billion won to SNU to re-construct the building his father donated.
The late PARK Doo-Byung, founder of Doosan Corporation and a SNU graduate built one of the buildings (#8) of the College of Humanities in 1974. The building was named Yongang Hall after his pen name. Thirty-six years later, his son PARK Yong-Hyun, the current chairman of Doosan Corporation and also a SNU graduate of the College of Medicine, has donated 5 billion won to re-construct the old building. The building will be renamed ‘Doosan Humanities Hall’.
- Published in Hankyoreh , Chosun Ilbo, Yonhap News , etc.

Professor Emeritus CHOI Seung-Hee received the Order of Cultural Merit from the Korean Cultural Heritage Administration for his contribution to classic Korean literature.
- Published in Yonhap News , Choun iIbo, etc. 

The Division of Earth Science Research at SNU Institute of Basic Sciences held an academic conference in memory of their former researcher JEON Jae Gyu.
Jeon was working at the Antarctic King Sejong Station and died in an attempt to save a missing colleague.
- Published in Newsis 

'International Financial Institutions Job Fair’ will be held on December 2 on the main campus.
The Directors of Human Resources of the World Bank, IMF, ADB, AfDB, EBRD, IDB, OECD, and others will participate in the Fair. At last year’s event, 63 applicants were interviewed and 7 of them were hired.
- Published in Yonhap News , etc. 

University Spending Per Student Varies from 33 million won at SNU to 5 million won at Baekseok University
Among all the 4-year universities in Korea, SNU spent the most money per student last year. From the top, the annual expenditure of SNU per student was 33,439,500 won, with Yonsei spending 20,471,800, SKKU spending 16,617,400 won, and Aju spending 15,988,000 won per student.
- Published in Hankoreh 

Vincent Berger, President of the University Paris-Diderot and Jean-Loup Salzmann, President of the University of Paris XIII wrote a column for Liberation about returning the Korean Manuscripts France retaines
Berger and Salzmann emphasized that France should return the manuscripts.  
- Published by Donga ilbo , etc.

CHANG Dal Joong, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, wrote a column for JoongAng Daily, titled ‘National Security Should Not Be Secondary’.
- Published in JoongAng Ilbo 

SNU Considering Giving Free Medical Service to Refugees from Yeonpyeong.
The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs KIM Jae-Young and Dr. KANG Do-Hyong, a psychiatrist, visited the place where Yeonpyeong Island refugees are temporarily staying. Dr. Kang said that “people here are so stressed and need medical help to avoid possible trauma” therefore a SNU officer said that they are considering giving them medical support.
- Published in No Cut News

College of Business Administration Holds a Blood Donation Event
The dean of the College of Business said that he will hold a blood drive in the LG Business Hall (Building 59) at 2 pm on December 3. Students of the Executive MBA Program started the event last year, and the dean decided to make it an annual one. The Graduate School of Business Administration made it a graduation requirement for all MBA students to serve the community for more than 30 hours.
- Published in Seoul Business Newspaper 
December 3, 2010
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