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Media CoverageThe media coverages are summaries of the newspaper articles of the day published about SNU

  • March 27, 2014

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3D Nanoprinting Technology Acknowledged by Nature

Professor KIM Ho-Young of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has developed a new technology which enables 3D printing at nanometer levels using nanofiber spinning. This was first published in the January 28 issue of Langmuir, and then was printed in the Research Highlight section in the March 20 issue of Nature. Professor Kim succeeded in piling nano-polymer threads created by means of electrospinning, thereby establishing a small wall. He expects that this technology will enhance the accuracy and ease of forming nanoscale 3D structures.

Summary by LEE Hee Un, SNU English Editor,
Proofread by Melora Brett Briana Johnson,

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