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Job Openings

BK21 Contract Professor Position Frontier Physics Research Division

  • December 19, 2008
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The Frontier Physics Research Division of Seoul National University seeks qualified applicants for the contract professor position in all areas of physics.

I.General Information
  ㆍInstitute: (BK21) Frontier Physics Research Division, Department of Physics and Astronomy,
                  Seoul National University  
  ㆍMajor field: Physics.
  ㆍPosition: BK21 Contract Professor

   All applicants must have a Ph.D. degree with one year or more of postdoctoral experience, and meet
   all the requirements of the Seoul National University employment policy.

III.Contract Period
   Initially for 2 years. Extendable for additional 2 years for highly productive researchers.

IV.Application Materials
   a.Curriculum Vitae together with current email address and a full list of publications
   b.Two copies of the application form (attached)
   c.Reprints (one original and two copies) of recent publications
      1) Items that have been accepted for publication must accompany a proof of acceptance (including
          the title and the expected publication date) and must be published before appointment.
      2)The research achievements to be considered for detailed review include published complete
          books (not including individual chapters in a book), textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles,
          etc.... Research achievements published in the conference proceedings will be considered if
          and only if they are published in regular periodic journals and specified by the applicant.
   d.Undergraduate and graduate degree certificates and transcripts
      * If not in Korean or English, attach translation to submitted copies.
   e.Proofs of employment for all employments listed on the application form 
      (These are required only for the individuals selected for appointment.)
      * If not in Korean or English, attach translation to submitted copies.
   f.Statement of major research accomplishments and awards
   g.Statement of research objectives
   h.Two letters of recommendation from the experts in the same discipline
      (Person who had been/is employed in the FPRD or SNU physics department has to submit at least
      one recommendation letter from a faculty member in FPRD or SNU physics.)

V.Responsibilities and Benefits of BK21 Contract Professors
   a.Contract professors are expected to conduct research as required by the University and may carry
      on teaching when necessary.
   b.Contract professors cannot hold an administrative position and does not have a vote at the faculty
   c.Salary will be commensurate to the applicant's qualification and experience, starting from KRW
      36,000,000 per year.
   d.Successful candidates will be appointed in one of the following ranks: professor, associate
      professor, assistant professor or full-time lecturer.

   January 31, 2009

VII.Where to Submit
   BK21 Frontier Physics Research Division,
   Department of Physics and Astronomy 
   Seoul National University, NS59
   Seoul 151-747 Korea

   Fax: +82-2-876-3973

VIII.Expected Date of Appointment
   Starting date is April 1, 2009 or negotiable.

   Each candidate will be evaluated according to the university recruitment guidelines and notified 

X. Miscellaneous
   a.When unspecified, general personnel guidelines of the university will be applied.
   b.Contract professors will be subject to other rules for university employees.
   c.Original documents should be submitted. When copies are submitted, a reference to the original
      may be required after the selection.
   d.Only regular mails received by the deadline will be accepted. 
   e.Application materials will not be returned.
   f.Application to more than one position is not allowed.
   g.Appointment can be cancelled if major flaws are found in the application materials.
   h.Further questions should be directed to

December 18, 2008

Frontier Physics Research Division
Seoul National University

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