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SNU Museum of Art Exhibition: "Peter Jensen's Muses"

  • May 13, 2012 ~ July 8, 2012
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SNU Museum of Art currently has the exhibition “Peter Jensen’s Muses” on display.

■ Date: Sunday, May 13th ~ Sunday, July 8th, 2012.

■ Venue: Gallery 6, SNU Museum of Art.

■ Featured Artists
Peter Jensen is a Danish fashion designer living and working in London who has presented collections at Paris, London and New York fashion weeks. His designs favour basic, everyday clothing made his own by incorporating idiosyncrasies or oddities that ensure they stand out in the crowd.

The exhibition Peter Jensen’s Muses looks at the women who have inspired Peter’s many collections – transforming personalities into clothing. They are all different ages and come from different eras, some are real and some fictional, but each has been chose for their own intriguing story. Sometimes Jensen interprets his muse literally ­– models in Jodie (Spring/Summer 2009) sported grey sweat suits and forties floral dresses, referencing specific films starring actress Jodie Foster. Other times Jensen captures a mood more laterally – models in Jytte (Autumn/Winter 2009) wore colourfully layered and embroidered clothing influenced by Nordic cultural traditions.

Peter Jensen’s Muses presents clothing from 18 different collections, each accompanied by explanations and images of the collection’s muse.

Peter Jensen’s Muses
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